Few series’ have been as experimental as SteamWorld. The team behind the franchise has tried all sorts of things, giving us SteamWorld games that slot into RPG, platformer, turn-based strategy and plenty of other genres. It makes you wonder what’s next for SteamWorld, and it turns out the creators feel just the same.

Thunderful’s Brjánn Sigurgeirsson, the studio behind the SteamWorld series, just hosted a keynote at the Hamburg Games Conference, and he spoke at length about the variety the SteamWorld games offer. Thunderful has tried their hand at all sorts of genres with SteamWorld titles, and it appears they’ll continue to do just that going forward.

“Who knows what the future of SteamWorld looks like? A robot dating sim? Or a racing game, or maybe a first-person shooter? The important thing is we have set ourselves up to be able to lift the curse of making the very same game over and over. All we need to continue to do is to make good games in the series.”

[Thunderful's Brjánn Sigurgeirsson]

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