GrimTalin has announced The Fall of Elena Temple, a puzzle platformer game with retro aesthetics, will be releasing in the coming months on Switch.

The game follows the titular Elena Temple as she once again resumes her exploring in this sequel to The Adventures of Elena Temple. As she falls into yet another dungeon, Elena must now make use of her new found ability to restore herself back to the previous ledge she fell from to collect all the coins in each of the dungeon’s twenty puzzle rooms, plus three bonus ones made available after completing the game. Finding the undo crystal enables her to undo her falls up to five times, depending on the room, all while she keeps the coins she already picked up.

Plenty of obstacles will stand between Elena and her loot, including snakes, flying arrows, crumbling platforms, teleporters, locked doors, spiders and many more. But not everything works against her, as she can find useful items inside the dungeon, such hearts, dash boots, magnets, and keys. Elena will have plenty to say about the gimmicks she encounters, through her brief yet quippy monologues.

The Fall of Elena Temple blends monochrome pixel art with colorful backgrounds to enhance the nostalgia of old times. To top it off, a catchy chiptune soundtrack adds an extra oomph to the gameplay. Similar to how the previous title emulated the game being played on various knock-off consoles, this sequel lets you play on the made-up GrimBoy, which you can bring closer to or further from the screen, as you prefer. You can change the game’s backgrounds on the fly and you unlock more as you progress.

The Fall of Elena Temple is made in Unreal Engine 5 by GrimTalin, a solo indie developer from Romania. The first version of the game was released for Playdate, the charming console with a crank, in Fall 2023. Since then, the game has been completely remade and improved in UE5 and will come to most major systems in the coming months, with actual release dates for each platform to be announced by GrimTalin as soon as each version is ready and approved.


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