Good news! Nintendo added MOTHER 3 icons for Switch Online members. Bad news! They icons are only available to those in Japan. Good news! You can change your Switch region to access the MOTHER 3 icons and snag them. Bad news! It appears this might cause a problem that your account can’t recover from.

Multiple Switch Online users outside of Japan have switched regions in order to snag the MOTHER 3 icons that came out just a few hours ago, but now they’re noticing a nasty issue. Apparently snagging these icons and switching back to the appropriate region can make it impossible to create icons in your native region.

It’s surprising that this issue is cropping up, as Nintendo no doubt knew some Earthbound/MOTHER diehards would jump regions to pick up these icons. While Nintendo is unlikely to acknowledge this issue in NA/EU, let’s hope they’re hard at work on an update to fix things.

UPDATE: This problem has been fixed, and now you can grab these MOTHER 3 icons from the Japanese Switch Online service without issue.

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2M ago

Can I go now? . Solid "The Simpsons" reference right there. 😅

I would hope there would be a fix for this soon as there's probably thousands of people who would grab exclusive icons. Hopefully they don't just decide to start region locking content instead.


2M ago

It probably would be less of a headache for all parties if other regions outside of Japan had access to the icons. However, that would also probably drive people wild. They would endlessly speculate that Mother 3 is getting a localization.


2M ago

Why even limit these icons to one region or another? It's a Nintendo property, there's zero reason it needs to be region limited in anyway.


2M ago


Honestly though is that even a big deal? People have endlessly speculated about Mother 3 being localized since the existence of Mother 3.


2M ago


Because if they don't then the next thing you know the Internet is speculating that Mother 3 is incoming for a localized release since the icons are being distributed outside Japan, then the Internet decides that's what's happening, and then we all get disappointed and angry at Nintendo when our wild speculation does not turn out to be true.

It's how we gamers work.

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