Earlier in the week, a rumor started floating around about a Princess Peach: Showtime! demo getting released. We now know those rumors to be true, as Nintendo dropped that very demo just a few hours ago. While many set out to snag the demo and give it a playthrough, others decided to download the free trial to dig around behind the scenes.

Dataminers have been sifting through the Princess Peach: Showtime! demo code to see what interesting details can be gleaned, and it seems they’ve stumbled on a rather juicy tidbit. Apparently, it seems that Nintendo has once again teamed with developer Good-Feel in order to get the job done.

While the demo’s data doesn’t specifically mention Good-Feel, it does give a codename to the project. That codename happens to be PJ037, which falls in line with previous Good-Feel titles. For example, Yoshi’s Crafted World had the codename PJ033, and Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn was listed as PJ040. Both of those titles, as you most likely know, were created by Good-Feel as well.

Not surprisingly, Nintendo wasn’t willing to confirm or deny these rumors, as a company spokesperson told Eurogamer that the game’s “development team will be credited in the game’s credits,” meaning you’ll have to wait to play the game to find out for sure.

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