Unicorn Overlord getting a day-one update

Normal difficulty and more

07 March 2024
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Unicorn Overlord is just one day away from launch, as it’s set to arrive on March 8th, 2024. If you plan on picking up the game day-one, know that there will also be a Version 1.01 update to go along with that.

Ahead of the game’s launch, ATLUS has shared the full patch notes for the Unicorn Overlord day-one update. You can read the complete breakdown below.

【Functional Updates】

  • Save data from the demo can now be carried over to the main game.
  • Artwork has been added to the status screen of some characters.
  • A new game difficulty level “NORMAL” has been added, and each difficulty level has been adjusted to make it easier to play.

Difficulty setting (Main game)

The difficulty level “CASUAL” found in the demo version is equivalent to the difficulty level “NORMAL” in the main game. The main game’s “STORY” difficulty is an easier difficulty level; if you want a bigger challenge than provided by “STORY”, please change to the newly established “NORMAL”!

Functional improvements 】

  • Performance improvements and adjustments
  • Improvements made to some stages
  • Adjustments made to some item skills
  • Improvements made to system performance and stability
  • Improvements to UI and various bug fixes

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