Metal Mind, the roguelike dungeon crawling mech shooter from developer WHIRLLAXY LIMITED and publisher 2P Games, scavenges for new parts today on Nintendo Switch.

Fight for freedom as a self-aware mech droid and liberate fellow imprisoned robotic companions. Foil the plans of the dastardly AWC, an organization of politicians, scientists, engineers, and secret agents, all aiming to rid robots of sentience and enslave them. Traverse the massive AWC Labs across four dystopian maps and bring down the corrupt corporation.

Build powerful mecha with a highly customizable transformation system. Choose from over 100 weapons from flaming chainsaws to 130mm naval artillery, and select core component mods to tweak firing rate, heat dissipation, armor, and more. Manufacture an unstoppable metal beast to crush opposing mechanical foes and eight distinct bosses with unparalleled power.

Combine a catalog of diverse equipment to fit each mech user’s preferred playstyle. Charge through enemies with high-energy blades for close combat, fire cannons in devastating turret form for ranged attacks, or swiftly dodge around the map while wielding laser cannons with splash damage. Experience hours of replayability with a dynamic modification system and discover synergistic builds, making each playthrough fresh.

Metal Mind will be available today for $17.99 USD with a 15% launch discount. The game is currently available in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

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