Deck13 Spotlight and Just2D previously announced that DROVA - Forsaken Kin, the grim dark Pixel RPG set in a mystic celtic world, would be making its way to Switch in 2024. While we wait for a more solid release date, a new trailer has been shared to give us a look at the brutal open world DROVA has to offer.

Welcome to the promised land of Drova, where the priests have praised this new world. Full of hope you travel through a portal into this new otherworld - just to realize that you are on your own and no one seems to appreciate the paradise. Instead, Drova is a grim world where every man is for himself.

Two factions - one trying to enslave the spirits of nature, one trying to save the spirits to keep the world alive - which path will you choose? And, more importantly, will you be able to survive in a world which will always try to kill you?

The new Gameplay Trailer gives players the chance to take a first look at the atmospheric open world, gruesome enemies and the harsh conditions where bandits might just knock you out to rob you. And maybe even a first look on the magic abilities players will be able to cast if they make use of the spirits of nature.

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