Today Maximum Entertainment and developer Kappa Bits are excited to announce console versions of sandbox RPG ‘Pixelshire’! Heading to Nintendo Switch, both digital and physical versions of the game will be available to players.

In the adorable pixel-art world of Arcadia, build your perfect town, meet new friends and invite them to stay a while as you grow your idyllic community! Gather resources, construct new homes, and decorate your world inside and out to reflect your own personal style.

Pixelshire will be launching on Switch later this year. Players can pre-order physical versions for Switch now at all good retailers including Signature Edition Games!

Build an idyllic town and the farm of your dreams in this unique sandbox RPG! Terraforming allows players to unleash their creativity and design the environment that holds your town.

From digging long and winding rivers that weave between your customised homes, creating multi-tiered farms on raised areas of land, and tons more! Farm a huge variety of crops and livestock as you grow your community by meeting new friends and inviting them to stay.

Design and decorate homes and the town itself, as you create a little slice of paradise on the continent of Arcadia.

Venture beyond the walls of the town to explore the sprawling islands uncovering new adventures and hidden treasures. Travel and fight your way through enchanted forests, mountain jungles, and much more!

Master many trades from farming to mining, woodcutting, fishing and more! Each NPC in Pixelshire is specialised in a different profession, and with time your new friends will even help you learn new skills!

Build your relationship with the town’s Archaeologist, you can improve your terraforming abilities and purchase equipment that will help you shape the geology within your idyllic home. \

Key Features:


Forge friendships in Pixelshire that go beyond just company. These friends can become your allies, accompanying you on adventures and lending a helping hand in gathering resources and completing tasks thanks to the “follow me” feature, making your journeys across Pixelshire more enjoyable and immersive.


Shape Pixelshire’s land the way you want with unique terraforming features. Carve rivers or create beautiful little hills wherever you please, crafting a landscape that reflects your imagination.


As you help others with their tasks, you’ll unlock new skills and talents tailored to each NPC’s profession, growing stronger and more efficient with each new lesson learned. For example, there’s an unlockable talent from Captain Farrell that can enhance your culinary skills, resulting in tastier dishes that offer additional stamina recovery benefits!


With the ability to build and place houses for your residents, you have the opportunity to design every corner of Pixelshire to reflect the personality and preferences of its inhabitants. Embrace the freedom of town design ensuring each resident enjoys a personalized home perfectly suited to their needs and preferences.


Embark on thrilling adventures and explore the vast continent of Arcadia. Traverse enchanted landscapes and discover hidden treasures scattered throughout the land. Delve into perilous dungeons, mine for precious ore, and uncover the secrets that lie beneath the surface.

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