Ninjala Season 16 Launches Today

Japanese, if you please

07 March 2024
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Today, players can experience a festive season inspired by Japan’s rich mythos in GungHo Online Entertainment’s colorful free-to-play online action game Ninjala. Season 16 offers eye-catching outfits inspired by Japanese mythology, as well as special emotes, stickers, Gum Utsusemi transformations, and IPPON decorations, until June 19.

Season 16 of Ninjala features:

Fifth Shinobi Card Slot Expansion: Shinobi Cards, which allow players to equip various abilities to create a personal fighting style, have been updated to increase the maximum number of slots to five. Players can unlock slots and obtain new Shinobi Cards with Ninja Medals or enhance ability effects with Assist Codes, both earned by participating in seasonal events and the Shinobi Card Slot Expansion Celebration Campaign running from March 27 to April 10.

Gum Weapon Adjustments: Season 16 introduces balance adjustments, including buffing weapons with weak abilities and reducing the power of Punch type weapons Pow Wow Cannon and Oedo Cannon. The amount of life recovered by the ability Inside Loop was increased for Yo-yo type weapons, like Ninja Yo-yo, Shinobi Spinner, and ASAKUSA Wheel. The time it takes to activate the Time to Relax ability was reduced, making it easier to trigger Specials for weapons like Mellow à la Mode, Trick Ball, or Knockout Door.

Loot Battle Matsuri: From March 27 to April 10, players participating in PvP modes like Quick Battle, Ninjala Battle, and Featured Battle are guaranteed to get Assist Codes to power up Shinobi Cards or Research Points.

Gumchi Login Bonus: From March 27 to April 10, ninja that log in will receive Gold, Silver, or Bronze Medals from the friendly yellow extra-terrestrial Gumchi.

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