Believe it or not, the current Season of Fortnite is about to come to a close. In mere hours, Chapter 5: Season 1 will be making its way out in order to usher in a brand-new season. That season has been dubbed Myths and Mortals, and you can see the first official teaser trailer for the season above.

There have been rumors and rumblings of Fortnite getting a Greek mythology makeover for its newest season, and we now know that speculation to be true. As the trailer above shows, it looks like there will be some mythic weapons and abilities made available to players, along with some Greek-inspired locations and more.

Fortnite is going down for maintenance for this new season come March 8th, 2024 at 3 AM. Once Season 2 launches, we’ll bring you the complete patch notes and details on what Myths and Mortals includes.

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