Sushi Battle Rambunctiously is now available in pre-order on the Nintendo eShop in Europe and Japan –the game is set to be released on March 14 in both regions on Switch. The pre-order in North America will start on March 14 and the game will be launched on March 21.

Sushi Battle Rambunctiously is a physics-based comedic battle royal party game where only one out of four players will emerge victorious. Avoid zombie sushi, throw objects around, and knock your friends out to be the last one standing!

  • Craft your cute and diverse sushi character!
  • The game doesn’t end even if you get ringed out! Respawn as a zombie sushi and devour other sushi characters!
  • Grab and throw objects around to stun friends and zombie adversaries!
  • Use various gimmicks in sushi-friendly backgrounds to ring out your friends!
  • Face endless waves of zombie sushi on your own!
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