Dark Days shines a light on Switch today

Give your eyes a minute to adjust

08 March 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Dark Days is coming to Nintendo Switch later today as a revamped and remastered version. An ideal opportunity for the Parallel team to present the origins of the studio and the themes explored in its various productions. An introspective tale, Dark Days is, above all, a narrative experience packed with jump scares and puzzles to solve. A four hours “treat” game, inspired by the horror classics of the 90s.

Dark Days is the debut project from Parallel Studio, the team behind White Night and Under The Waves. Originally a VR project for Oculus Go, this first-person narrative thriller blends horror, point and click and escape game. You play as Jade, a writer lost in the middle of the American desert, trapped in a strange supernatural phenomena…

  • A Psychological Creepy Horror Game
  • A first person point’n’click adventure
  • An atmospheric and haunted escape room game
  • 4h+ of gameplay with 20 secret tapes to find and randomized puzzles
  • 2 different endings

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3M ago

Actually I have found 3 endings so far. Your 2 and 1 that is a glitch. If you walk in the opposite direction towards the black then you go into an abyss where all you see is the hole you fell into. It's freaky. I'll update if I find out more.