Publisher and developer ACQUIRE, along with publisher Aniplex have announced that Ancient Weapon Holly is available on Switch now. The title will is priced at $18 and includes English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Polish language options.

Holly, a humanoid weapon sealed deep within a labyrinth due to its potential to cause humanity’s downfall, swears vengeance upon humans after awakening from a slumber that spanned thousands of years.

Experience a tense roguelike action game where you protect the source of your stolen power, the altar. Destroy gates that block your way and aim to clear stages. Use the magic stones you acquire to evolve Holly and expand the altar to deepen your strategies.

Long ago, when humans were still developing advanced civilizations, a war engulfed the world.

Among the multitude of weapons created, an autonomous weapon resembling a young girl was completed. Her arms could crack the earth like a whip, demolish any building in her path, and her red eyes mercilessly killed people one after another.

This girl was named “Holly” by the people, and due to her overwhelming power, she was sealed deep within the earth.

After tens of thousands of years, the only emotion Holly felt upon awakening from her slumber in the dark magic ruins was an insurmountable hatred for humans.

“Humanity, perish.”

Even though her weapon functions have degraded and she can now only slightly damage the ground or walls, Holly’s vendetta against the world above has just begun.

Key Features

Intense Combat – In the dungeons, a moment’s hesitation can be deadly. Breath-taking, intense combat awaits you. Face enemies with overwhelming strength and seize the fleeting moments of opportunity for strategic battles.

Strategically Lure Enemies into Pitfalls – Break the ground and block the enemy’s path. This is your way to survive. Predict the enemy’s movements, create pitfalls, and capture them all. Strategic foresight, rather than straightforward combat, is essential in this game.

Exhilarating Action of Burying Enemies in Pitfalls – Lure enemies into pitfalls and bury them with your own hands. The thrill of this moment is one of the game’s main attractions.

Deepen Strategy with Holly’s Evolution and Altar Unlocking – Defeat enemies to acquire enhancement items. Use these items to evolve Holly and unlock the altar’s functions! Experience a deepening of strategies as you play. With a skill tree format, a variety of enhancements are possible based on your strategy.

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