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08 March 2024
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Indie publisher Ratalaika Games is pleased to announce the release today of Xatrom Command on Switch. Xatrom Command, with its unusual stylized look, unfolds with a military experiment gone awry, releasing an onslaught of alien monstrosities within the confines of a once-secure military base. The player’s mission is to contain this catastrophic breach, eliminating the alien threat and destroying their eggs to prevent any further contamination.

Assuming the role of a highly trained military operative, players embody courage, strategy, and resilience. Their character is the last line of defence against the alien incursion, making them pivotal in the game’s narrative of defence and survival.

Inspired by classic top-down shooters and the gripping narratives of science fiction, Xatrom Command pays homage to both the golden era of arcade games and the timeless allure of military versus alien showdowns. Its design evokes fond childhood memories of enacting epic battlegrounds with your toys, blending creativity with the thrill of combat.

Players will have access to an arsenal of weapons ranging from standard-issue military firearms to experimental energy weapons. As they progress through the game, they’ll encounter an array of alien species with distinct behaviour patterns, including the skittering Spider Troopers and the formidable Scorpions, challenging players to constantly evolve their strategies to survive.

Xatrom Command offers a dynamic single-player experience and an engaging cooperative multiplayer mode. Playing co-op allows friends to join forces, strategize together, and provides a shared gaming experience that enhances the fun and complexity of the missions.

A linear progression weaves through the military base, propelling players from one confrontation to the next. The initial levels introduce players to the mechanics of combat and enemy patterns, setting the stage for more complex encounters.

Xatrom Command evolves with the player’s progress, unlocking intense modes like Survival where players fend off endless waves of adversaries, testing their endurance and skill. Boss Rush mode pits players against a relentless sequence of bosses, offering high-stakes challenges that require quick reflexes and tactical prowess.

Xatrom Command presents 50 levels traversing environments from the confines of the military base to a sprawling forest and a harsh desert-like expanse in the surrounding area and more. Your objective is simple - destroy all the aliens you see!

A Nostalgic, Yet Fresh, Top-Down Shooter!

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