It’s time to embark on a magical journey where science meets magic as Error300 is excited to announce the their new puzzle-alchemy game Alchemy: Origins. The game is all about discovering new elements, starting with nothing but a basic core set of elements and combining them to unearth brand-new items and elements.

Despite its simplicity, the game features a charming and unique art style that truly immerses you into the role of an alchemist as you mix and match your way to new discoveries. The satisfying core loop keeps you hooked as you continue to evolve your inventory throughout the game, allowing you to create everything from elements to items, tools, animals, and even people, eventually making your way to modern technology.

The game also features a simple hint system for when you need a little help. Overall you can expect a wonderful puzzle game experience with a relaxing vibe, perfect for short game sessions in between an otherwise busy schedule.

This isn’t Error300’s first rodeo with alchemy games, as they released a different take on the genre with their game “RPG Alchemy” last year which saw positive reviews on Steam, allowing them to use that experience and make Alchemy: Origins shine to its full potential.

Alchemy: Origins is confirmed for Switch release, but there’s no launch date at this time. Once that information is shared, we’ll be sure to bring it to you.


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