In the last few hours, word has rushed around the globe about Akira Toriyama’s passing. Toriyama was responsible for the Dragon Ball series, along with creating iconic artwork for multiple games. One of those games is Chrono Trigger, and now we can look back on a unique piece of gaming history that trumpets Toriyama’s work.

Prior to the game’s release all the way back in 1995, Square Enix (then Squaresoft) teamed with V-Jump magazine in Japan to release a promo VHS for Chrono Trigger. While many have never seen this video or even knew of its existence, games journalist Jeremy Parish, spurred on by Toriyama’s passing, has created a digital archive of the video. You can now watch it in full above.

The video shows off what Chrono Trigger is all about, and obviously Toriyama’s character designs were a huge part of that experience. It’s not only a great trip down memory lane for Chrono Trigger fans, but yet another way to remember Toriyama and pay respect to his work.

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