Sky: Children of the Light has been updated to Ver. 0.24.6. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

  • Resolution for players getting stunlocked at the end of Eye of Eden after avatars receive damage.
  • Fixed a bug causing meditation circles not correctly triggering Shard Eruption activity and some Seasonal Quests.
  • Restored the horn instrument missing from the closet and the Lookout Scout’s Friendship Tree.
  • Fixed crash caused by trying to equip the horn instrument in Harmony Hall.
  • Fixes for server splits in Crescent Oasis area.
  • Props do not clip while held while wearing the Herb Gatherer’s outfit.
  • Tapping a button in a menu triggers the correct, intended button rather than the button next to it.
  • Fixed certain prop spells placing a chat table instead of the correct item.
  • Incessant red notification dot has been banished.

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