There’s always chatter about emulators when it comes to Nintendo, but that discussion has reached new heights recently with the battle between the Big N and the team behind the Yuzu Switch emulator. Nintendo originally planned to sue Yuzu’s creators, but after hiring a lawyer, Yuzu’s team locked in a $2.4 million settlement with Nintendo. This settlement also meant Yuzu’s team had to turn over their domain and stop development/distribution of the emulator.

While there will no doubt be others who continue to create emulators, there’s no doubt this multi-million dollar settlement has spooked some developers. Mere days after the settlement announcement, the man behind Pizza Emulators has announced that he’s pulling his Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance emulators from the Google Play Store.

The developer of these emulators said they have “chosen to prioritize family” over the development of these apps, thus they’re being removed permanently. The creator didn’t share anymore specifics on their reason for yanking the emulators, but you have to think that the Yuzu outcome at least had some impact on their decision.

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5M ago

This has absolutely nothing to do with Yuzu and reeks of lazy, sensationalist "Journalism". A developer decided to spend time with their family instead of swimming in the crowded pool of Andeoid emulator devs.


4M ago

@pacmanfrog is a delusional half-wit. This clearly has something to do with Yuzu, tangentially or not, and to say otherwise is moronic.