Former Apple Arcade exclusive Reigns: Beyond is coming to Nintendo Switch sometime later this year. In this swipe-based adventure game you’ll rock out through space with your indie rock band, performing gigs and wowing crowds all while keeping your resources managed.

This new release will feature all content from the Apple Arcade release including updates. You can read an official overview of the game down below and we will be sure to let you know when a full release date is announced.

Originally released for Apple Arcade in 2020, Reigns: Beyond challenges players to navigate the cosmos as an intergalactic indie rock band, plotting their rise to stardom, traveling from planet to planet and gig to gig on their quest for fame and fortune.

Featuring all updated content from the App Store version, play local (and not-so-local) clubs throughout the galaxy, recruiting alien band members along the way and rocking out across the universe. But make sure you’re managing your ship’s resources and keeping your crew in check while on this interstellar tour, because one wrong decision may leave you dead in space.

In Reigns: Beyond, you’ll:

  • Unlock the legendary Galactic Guitars and rock out in front of your adoring fans
  • Fight pirates, overzealous tax collectors and more in swiping dogfights
  • Hang out on your ship for band practice and offer directions to lost space travelers
  • Meet 70 curious characters, including your manager Lord Shark, Strombo the scholarly mollusk, Gron the space bear … and of course your crew and your ship’s know-it-all AI
  • 1,700 decision cards, weirder encounters, more deaths and infinite possibilities
  • Jam to an original soundtrack by Sam Webster
[Devolver Digital]

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