The Super Mario Bros. Movie has had an incredible run. The film broke all sorts of box office records and made Nintendo and Universal an insane amount of money. The movie has also been killing it on streaming services, and it’s still topping charts months after it was originally released.

While there are so many ways to watch The Super Mario Bros. Movie from the comfort of your home, you’ll soon have another chance to take in the experience on the big screen. It’ll be perfect for those who missed out on seeing the film in theaters the first time around, or just a great way to enjoy the experience on a super-sized screen.

AMC Theaters has announced that The Super Mario Movie will be back in some of their theaters come June 28th, 2024. No explanation has been given for the movie’s return to theaters, but it’s certainly a welcome sight. You can check out the official info page for the movie’s return to cinemas here.

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US Theaters need all the help they can get.


3M ago


Dune seems to be doing pretty well, but yes, cinema here is hurting in terms of audiences.