Slowly but surely, Nintendo has really been embracing Mario Day (March 10th) over the years. Once Nintendo realized the date was a perfect opportunity to spread the word on all things Mario, they’ve really been leaning into it. This year was more proof of that than ever, with a special short presentation featuring none other than Shigeru Miyamoto to share some tasty Mario tidbits.

Of course, that wasn’t the only thing going on for Mario Day, as Nintendo shared a bunch of other details and opportunities in the days leading up to to big date. That included some bigtime sales on Mario games via the Switch eShop, some special LEGO reveals, and plenty of in-person fun at Nintendo NY.

Most of us can’t travel to Nintendo NY, which means we miss out on some fantastic events. The good news is that others out there are not just lucky enough to attend, but nice enough to capture footage for all the fans in there. That’s exactly how we got the footage above, which shows off what Nintendo NY cooked up for Mario’s special day.

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