Dave the Diver has been updated to Ver. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

1) New Language

New language, Russian, has been added.

2) Sea Exploration

Made it so that the game will pause if the controller is disconnected while exploring the ocean. Fixed an issue where certain buttons behaved awkwardly when on pause screen.

3) Smart Phone App

  • [After Chapter 4] Added new mini-game ‘Dream Live’.
  • ‘Dream Live’ let’s you play previous rhythm games.

4) Sushi Restaurant

Removed ability to make interior changes during business hours.

5) Other Improvements

  • Added a guide pop-up to check if DLC is installed on first access after installing DLC. Ex) When DREDGE DLC has completed installation

[Bug Fixes]

1) Sea Exploration

  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash in certain situations during one of the Pink Dolphin rescue missions.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some fish to get stuck in walls.
  • [After Chapter 6] Fixed an issue where mission markers would appear on items even though there were no crab-trap related missions.
  • Fixed an issue where weapon fragments appeared small during ocean exploration in the DREDGE DLC.

2) Sea People Village

Fixed an issue where in certain situations you could hear BGM overlapping while using the Beluga.

Fixed an issue that caused intermittent frame drops when visiting the seaweed farm while overweight.

3) Smart Phone Apps

Fixed an issue where Cooksta feed would not post Fried Seahorses.

4) Weapons

Fixed some incorrect descriptions of the melee weapon ‘Frozen Cod’.

5) Sushi Restaurant

Fixed an issue where the ability to adjust ingredient quantities did not work properly under certain conditions.

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