Back in February, a Cowboy Bebop collaboration for Overwatch 2 was teased. Confirmation of that tease came last week, and just a few hours ago we got to see the collaborative content in action.

Cowboy Bebop is definitely one of the most influential anime out there, giving inspiration to other anime creators, creators in TV and film, and of course, game developers as well. It’s no surprise to learn that the team working on Overwatch is filled with big Cowboy Bebop fans, and it seems like a collab between the two IP was just a matter of time.

In an interview with, Overwatch 2 art director Dion Rogers spoke on just how much Cowboy Bebop impacted the devs at Blizzard, and that came about long before the collaboration was announced.

“This anime has been such an inspiration for a lot of our artists when they’re in school training and in learning how to do art. This was one of the key anime that we would always point back to as artists. Bebop, the characters feel alive. Like they have these stories and these things that just they feel like real people, despite being the stylized, cool art style, and I think there’s some similarities when it comes to some of our heroes in Overwatch as well. For example, Spike being a former member of a crime syndicate and Cassidy is a former member of a crime syndicate. We started to see how closely our heroes kind of have a connection with the Cowboy Bebop characters. So that made it super cool.”

[Overwatch 2 art director Dion Rogers]

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4M ago

It's so sad to see Overwatch now-a-days.

I remember with Overwatch 1, a main central anchor when it came to skins was the team always made sure the silhouette of a character didn't change too much. So that even if you had never seen the skin before, in the heat of battle you could still instantly know from the silhouette that 'thats Tracer' or 'thats Reaper,' etc.

It seems that core principal was tossed out long ago, along with every other core principal that made Overwatch fun.

I agree.

I stopped enjoying Overwatch mid-way through Overwatch 1's run and nothing about 2 convinced me I should come back... especially since they cut all the content about it that sounded fun. What's left here seems like a game that's just trying its hardest to seem cool.