QubicGames has announced that Infantry Attack by Voodoo will be released for the Nintendo Switch on March 15. Enemy troops, such as infantry, helicopters, tanks, warplanes, and drones, are coming for you! Jump on the machine gun and shoot them all!

You’re not doing war alone. Your squad is here to help you:

  • Explosive Expert with an RPG rocket launcher to deal tremendous damage to military vehicles
  • Rifleman who will shoot at a high range on the open battlefield
  • Grenadier who specializes in fighting all ground units.

You are in charge of the machine gun to clear the battlefield, which is highly addictive and enjoyable!

Missions will take place in different warzones, and you will need to adapt your shooting strategy depending on the battlefield: city, desert, jungle, forest, airport, and many more! Be on the frontline of the battleground or take to the air to shoot enemies from the helicopter!

Beware! Combat will be challenging, and enemies will become stronger over time, so upgrading your guns won’t be enough. Level up teammates and prepare your military crew for shooting waves of soldiers!


  • Defend the country against enemy soldiers
  • Fight along your military crew and defeat the opponent’s army on multiple warzones
  • Upgrade your loadout to win the war
  • Use modern war weapons: machine guns, rocket launchers and drones
  • Fight and kill bosses!
  • Easy controls and realistic graphics for intense action

Do you have what it takes to free your country from invaders and win the war?

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