All Things Wicked Comes to Dead by Daylight Today

What is that? It's the Unknown!

12 March 2024
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The Unknown has been unleashed. Dead by Daylight’s newest Chapter All Things Wicked is here, bringing a new Killer, The Unknown, a new Survivor, Sable Ward, and a new Map, Greenville Square into The Fog.

The following is a collection of evidence found on the desk of a missing police constable. All known writers or owners of these pieces have since been reported missing…

​Greenville, a place where nothing ever happens. At least that’s how the old saying goes. While many still choose to call it home, it’s a town that’s long felt forgotten. Long-time residents know the vicious cycle. An accident here. A tragedy there. But with another missing person case last week, even the most stubborn minds among us have to admit something is going on here. ​The clues are everywhere. Something sinister is walking among us. As I start this journey of exploration, its shape, form, and purpose are currently unknown.

The Unknown was believed to be a mysterious evil so heinous that investigating it almost immediately invited death. At least that was how the story went. And there were many stories. One story was of a woman in Greenville who disappeared without a trace on stage in front of a room full of witnesses. Her friend disappeared weeks later while trying to investigate what happened. The police were stumped. They had no clues or leads, and that mystery created the perfect storm for amplifying and spreading an urban legend.

Sable Ward: Female. Silver hair with pink tips. Blue eyes. Last seen in Greenville wearing a black and blue top, a black skirt, and a heart necklace. If you have any information, please contact the Greenville Police Department immediately.

At this point, there are more unknowns than knowns. The creature appears to be able to launch a projectile of unknown origin, leaving behind a toxic area where it lands. You don’t want to get caught in that area; it will only make it easier for it to get you.

It has a knack for messing with your head. It makes you see things. Everywhere you turn you’ll think you see it, but it’s just a hallucination it leaves behind. We don’t think it can be in more than one place at a time, but we have unconfirmed reports of those hallucinations coming to life.

The creature seems to relish being on the attack. Once it lands a hit, it becomes Unbound, a little faster, when chasing you through obstacles like windows. It has an Unforseen ability that always keep you on your toes, making you feel like it’s close to you, even if it isn’t. To top it all off, it’s great at making you doubt yourself. Whatever your goal is, you may think you’re doing well, but you soon may find all your hard work coming Undone.

We’ve stashed more information here for safekeeping.

The recent disappearance of Sable Ward in the Greenville Cinema is yet another unexplainable occurrence. Interviews suggest that they were searching for their close friend who recently has gone missing. But why they were investigating the dark depths of the theatre is unclear.

It is whispered that among their possessions was a book of Invocations, suggesting an interest – or potential awareness – of the supernatural. Files obtained with her research showcased her inquisitiveness, bravery, Strength in Shadows, and a Wicked tenacity. Her fate is not currently clear, but if we use past disappearances as a pattern, it is unlikely she will ever be seen again.

The Sable Essentials and Inner Monster Collections are available now.

With whispers of The Unknown surfacing, locals have drawn sketches of what the creature may look like. The photos below are based on recovered pieces of information and stories of mysterious disappearances.


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