Armello: The Board Game, an adaptation of the critically acclaimed video game Armello, has launched on Kickstarter, already exceeding its funding goal in its first day of crowdfunding. Published by Australian publisher King of the Castle in partnership with Quillsilver Studio and Fire Opal Media, the board game was designed by Ron Heinsoo, lead designer of the 4th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

The video game Armello was released in 2015 by League of Geeks following a successful Kickstarter campaign and quickly received praise for its digital implementation of board game mechanics. The board game features the same colorful world and characters of the video game and many of the same mechanics, while making a few necessary rules changes to better suit physical play.

While Armello: The Board Game has already pulled in its base funding, there’s still a ton of time left on the campaign and plenty of stretch goals to knock out. If you’d like to secure your copy of the game or help the devs reach some of those stretch goals, you can check out the campaign here.


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