While the Switch version of Crown Wars: The Black Prince didn’t have a solid release date, other versions of the title were set to launch on May 23rd, 2024. That’s no longer happening, as developer NACON has announced a delay for the title.

No new date has been shared for Crown Wars: The Black Prince, but NACON did say that the additional development time will be used to fine-tune several elements of the game, and incorporate some improvements requested by the players, in order to offer optimal gameplay that will delight fans of turn-based tactics and strategy games.

Crown Wars: The Black Prince is a turn-based tactics and strategy game set in a dystopian mediaeval period with added touches of dark fantasy. The game immerses players into the 100-Years War, in which several royal families are pitted against each other in bloody conflicts, with the crown of the most powerful kingdom in the West at stake. Yet besides these dynastic struggles, players must also confront the Order, an occult, malevolent organisation which is sowing chaos across the kingdom, and whose forces wield sufficient power to change the course of history.


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