Prior to its launch, developer Vanillaware revealed that Unicorn Overlord is the biggest game they’ve ever made. That led to Vanillaware’s CEO George Kamitani saying that the studio literally ran out of funding while creating the game, so they were hopeful it would turn into a hit. Looks like their wish has come true in at least one part of the world.

Publisher ATLUS has released a statement in Japan thanking fans for their support of Unicorn Overlord, but it also came with an apology. Those in Japan who are looking to pick up the game physically are finding it incredibly hard to do so, as it is sold out at multiple retailers across the nation. The good news is that relief is on the way.

ATLUS has said that more shipments of the standard version will soon be making their way to retailers, so it’s best to keep checking in with local game stores to see if/when a shipment has come in. Of course, for those who are more worried about playing the game in general than getting a physical copy, there’s always the Switch eShop version.

Unicorn Overlord combines the timeless tactical RPG genre with overworld exploration and innovative battle system for a unique epic fantasy experience in the iconic Vanillaware style.

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