Longterm Games has announced their first title, Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home - a story about self-discovery and our understanding of the world around us, is heading to Switch in Fall of 2022.

In this 2.5D platformer, follow the story of a dog named Bea, who has been sent into space. Players join Bea on her epic adventures, meeting friendly (and not so friendly!) creatures from outer space. The game is inspired by real-world events, from when people began investing in space exploration. Many intrepid animals paved our way to the stars – and saw up close what people would encounter years later.

You can check out more gameplay details for Space Tail in the bullet points below.

Senses - Bea is not a superdog. She doesn’t have any superhuman – or to be precise: superdog – powers. Just like any other dog, she can only rely on her senses: smell, sight, and hearing. These are the basics of “detective mode”, which will help her reach destinations and protect her from danger. In the unknown environments she can only rely on her instinct.

Companions – While traveling across different worlds, Bea will befriend two entities: Comet Rose and the robot 8088Y. They will accompany her through most of the game, helping her solve puzzles and protect her – they will also influence the game’s ending. Each companion has unique abilities, which the player will have to use at the right moments throughout the game.

Relationships – During her journey Bea will meet many extra-terrestrials. Some of them will be friendly, others will treat Bea as a threat. Players can interact with the creatures and communicate through the dialog system. This is based on the behavior of dogs - to create a bond, find a common language and help each other. However, you need to take care because every action will have consequences.

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