Nintendo has slowly but surely been expanding their line of Pikmin merch. Things have really picked up during the Switch era, with the series gaining in popularity and the opportunities for merch growing. That like of Pikmin goodies has expanded yet again today, and those in Japan have a chance to snag some stationary-themed items.

Nintendo has announced that they’ve teamed with mechanical pencil company Kuru Toga for a series of Pikmin goodies that’ll fulfill all your writing needs. This range of products offers a series of writing implements, but there’s a lot more to choose from than that. There are also pens, sticky notes, clear files and so much more.

This line of Pikmin merch is being sold through Nintendo TOKYO, OSAKA and KYOTO as of today. If you’d like to get a look at the entire line of items along with all the other Pikmin merch available, you can find the complete rundown here.

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