Red Art Games is proud to announce that it is bringing MACROSS -Shooting Insight- to North American and European Nintendo Switch both digitally and physically in 2024. MACROSS -Shooting Insight- is the latest video game adaptation of legendary anime franchise MACROSS and the first MACROSS video game to officially come out on Western consoles. MACROSS -Shooting Insight- is a Multi-Dimensional Shooting Game developed by renowned Japanese studio Kaminari Games (Raiden V Director’s Cut).

In addition to its digital release, MACROSS -Shooting Insight- will also receive both ESRB and PEGI- rated physical Nintendo Switch releases. Additional details, such as release date, special editions, retail prices and pre-order window for both digital and physical versions will be shared at a later date.

MACROSS -Shooting Insight- is an all-new MACROSS game, the latest entry in the landmark science fiction franchise! When multiple dimensional folds suddenly occur across space-time, pilots and songstresses alike find themselves inexplicably transported to the Battle 7! From there, six stories unfold with the fate of the galaxy at stake.

Pilots, songstresses, and characters from five MACROSS series (MACROSS Plus, MACROSS Zero, MACROSS 7, MACROSS Frontier & MACROSS Delta) take center stage in a completely original story. MACROSS -Shooting Insight- includes fan-favorite songs from all featured MACROSS series! Use the power of songs to gain an edge in battle! Synchronize with songstresses while playing stages to activate a variety of buffs and debuffs, such as increased firepower, increased maneuverability, reduced enemy fire speed, etc.

Experience a Multi-Dimensional Shooting Game featuring pilots and songstresses that have come together across time! Play as pilots from different time periods and go through stages made up of multiple scenes, with each scene featuring distinct game types that utilize the different modes of each pilot’s Valkyrie. Stages include multiple game styles, such as horizontally scrolling shooting, vertically scrolling shooting, and 360-degree scrolling shooting.

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