Get ready to go on a mind-bending adventure in Reggie, His Cousin, Two Scientists and Most Likely the End of the World, the new 2D cartoon platformer developed by Degoma. Control the direction of gravity as you run, jump and explore in an outrageous time-traveling adventure as Reggie, an unlikely hero from the 16,000th century on a mission to save science and ultimately the entire universe. The game will launch on Switch in 2025.

Reggie lets players control gravity like never before in a 2D platformer. Using the new Multi-Gravity Switch mechanic, the player can instantly flip the direction of gravity. This ability can be used freely without limitation to create jumping combos and unique paths through each level. Reggie can also bounce off enemies, burrow into the ground and chain together jumps and gravity flips to create combos. As he jumps on more consecutive enemies without touching the ground, Reggie will gain abilities such as speed boosts, temporary invincibility and enhanced power over the forces of gravity. Players can choose to take on the game’s challenges solo, or team up with a friend playing as Reggie’s cousin to play the full game in local co-op mode.

Reggie’s out of this world adventure will see him time travel across 25 detailed and colorful levels, each with their own unique graphics, music and gameplay mechanics. The game opens with Reggie noticing that the rules of science are starting to break down in the 16,000th century. Reggie travels through time and teams up with some unexpected allies to ensure that the scientific discoveries of the past remain intact to save the universe! The game has an epic story with a hilarious twist that must be seen to be believed and unfolds through nearly an hour of fully animated and voiced cutscenes.

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