Forever Entertainment previously announced that UNABLES is heading to Nintendo Switch on March 14th, 2024. Starting from launch day for 14 days, there will be a 10% Release Discount for Nintendo Switch. In addition, owners of selected Forever Entertainment games on Nintendo Switch will receive 50% Owner Discount. Finally, a free demo version is available on Switch containing first three levels: ‘THE DUDEE,’ ‘PRO RESTING,’ and ‘FAKE DETECTIVE’ – each offering different settings and difficulty levels, as well as a special control option with a built-in gyroscope! If you STILL need more convincing that UNABLES might be for you, check out the gameplay video above, which offers up 15 minutes of action and more.

Imagine a world with everyone just lying down, doing absolutely nothing at all. Welcome to the reality of UNABLES. Folks too lazy to put their pants on, wrestlers that prefer resting to wrestling, Kaijus getting seated, instead of wrecking cities… Let’s do something about it.

Hangover dude needs help getting ready for work? We can help him. Dracula getting cold feet, avoiding marriage? We can make him. Inmates unwilling to escape prison? Duh!

In UNABLES you take matters into your own hands. Picture each level as a nicely set table, but you’ve just had enough. Enough is enough! Being unable to control characters directly, grab the stage by the bowels and flip that table upside-down like the dinner was salty.

Hygge no more. UNABLES comes equipped with a 360 degree, slow-motion precision controls to sway, spin, push, shove and catapult everything and everyone on screen. No outlaw, zombie, no procrastinating vampire, robot, babooshka and no sleeping beauty is safe anymore. Not even dinosaurs and dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago. They’re all lazy, so throw them around like they throw excuses. Aim well to score some bonus points.

It’s not like anyone here stands up and says you can’t.

UNABLES bottles up fresh gameplay and design aspects you have never seen before, as well as some ideas you have probably seen a lot. Use physics to solve puzzles and complete quests, unlock all peculiar levels and reveal the secrets!

Forget what we said earlier. UNABLES is not just a physics based, puzzle comedy game about throwing lazy characters around the stage in slow-motion. It’s a lifestyle and a socially (also: physically) unconscious anti-movement. What’s in it for you?

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