Nintendo answers your questions about Princess Peach: Showtime!

How heavy is the head that wears the crown?

13 March 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

With Princess Peach: Showtime! taking center stage on March 22nd, Nintendo thought this might be a good time to answer some questions you may have. So, please grab your snacks and find your seat—as Nintendo is raising the curtain!

Lassos, stealth, and cake making. Seriously, what kind of game is this?

You may be finding it a little hard to pin down exactly what type of game this is. That’s completely understandable, and Nintendo has you covered!

This is a brand-new action game starring Peach. She’ll have to take the stage in several performances to face a mysterious new enemy. So, think of your movements like you’re on stage: you can go from left to right to progress, but also sometimes move towards the front and back of the stage. You’ll also be treated to some surprises with how…um…extravagant some of the productions are.

Keep in mind, each play may take place on a stage, but these baddies aren’t playing around. They’re ready to duke it out with anyone that gets in their way.

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