As the 2024 Pokémon Championship Series season comes to a close, local Championship Series events will not take place during the month of June. This includes Pokémon TCG League Challenges and League Cups, Pokémon GO League Challenges and League Cups, and Pokémon video game Premier Challenges and Midseason Showdowns. The 2024 Pokémon North America International Championships is the last Championship Point-earning event of the season, and this break will let players rest and allow for a smooth transition to the 2025 season in July.

Local Championship Series events will be on a short pause, but Play! Pokémon Prize Packs and promotional dice will still be available as prizes at Pokémon League. You can also expect to see a trio of special promo cards available at select Pokémon League locations in June—the deliciously helpful Buddy-Buddy Poffin, the innovative Technical Machine: Evolution, and the trusty Super Rod. Each of these foil promo cards will feature the Play! Pokémon watermark, perfect for giving your deck or collection some extra shine.

During this time, Pokémon Leagues will have more freedom to run friendly events, including those using alternative formats, so be sure to have fun and experiment with your favorite Pokémon! If you haven’t tried alternative formats like the Pokémon TCG’s Gym Leader Challenge, the Pokémon video games’ Chaos Cup, or Pokémon GO’s Little Cup, now is the time to mix up your battles.

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