Fashion Dreamer has been updated to Ver. 1.4.0. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

New Features and Content

4th limited-time Fair: Wonderland Fair

  • 6 patterns
  • 1 hairstyle
  • 1 eyeliner
  • 1 poses
  • 1 photo decoration
  • 6 photo frames
  • 4 showroom items
  • Adds 13 new patterns
  • 12 patterns are available via gacha.

Changes and Improvements

Adds a “Go back one step” function when changing your outfit.

In order to make it easier for players to try out different outfits, a “Go back one step” function has been added, allowing users to go back to the previous step by pressing the B button when picking up clothes (Note: you cannot go back more than one step)

Adds new gacha items + adjusted the drop rates

New gacha items have been added with a total of 12 new patterns. Please note that each cocoon offers a different selection of patterns.

The drop rate has been adjusted to make it easier for players to get items of various rarities. For example, it is now easier to get items of rarity 3 and above.

Adds new brand mark designs and makes some adjustments to them.

1,822 brand mark designs have been added (116 illustrations, 220 frames, 536 backgrounds, and 950 cut-outs) so that players can express their own style more freely.

The order in which the designs are displayed and the variation of brand marks created when selection “Leave it to us” has been increased accordingly.

Adds new photo stickers.

So that players can enjoy the Photo Egg even more, 162 photo stickers (88 illustrations, 4 silhouettes, 39 stickers, 30 prints, and 1 scribble) have been added. More will be added in the future.

Adds new skin tones and make-up options and makes adjustments to them.

More parts and colours have been added, allowing you to create your ideal Muse.

  • Hair: 8 new colours
  • Eyebrows: 1 new colour
  • Eyelashes: 1 new colour
  • Beard: 1 new colour
  • Lipstick: 5 new colours
  • Make-up: 2 new types

Do note that this changes the numbering and orders or parts and colours.

Adds Ruby characters to some text in Japanese

Ruby characters have been added to allow younger players to enjoy the game.

Bug fix: Lipstick colour ‘Glade Golden Yellow’

Fixes an issue causing the lipstick colour ‘Glade Golden Yellow’ to be the same as ‘Golden Yellow’.

Muses currently using the ‘Glade Golden Yellow’ lipstick will have their lipstick colour changed due to this update. If you wish to keep using the ‘original’ colour, please select ‘Golden Yellow’.

Known issues

Items that cannot currently be created can be obtained as Eve items.

This is not a bug, and no fix will be implemented as part of this update. If you have acquired one such items, you can use it normally without any issues.

Items in question: Colourful Monster T-Shirt A, Colourful Monster Skirt A, Rainbow Thick-Soled Shoes A

Improves stability and fixes minor bugs.

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