Final Fantasy VII is an iconic game for multiple reasons, and the soundtrack is very much part of that. There’s nothing but hit after hit in Final Fantasy VII’s OST, and that’s thanks to the amazing work of master compose Nobuo Uematsu. The soundtrack is packed to the gills with so many fantastic tunes you’d think it was easy for Uematsu, but it turns out one song in particular caused him quite the headache.

Japanese YouTube channel NewsPicks had the chance to chat with Uematsu about his amazing career, including his unforgettable work on Final Fantasy VII. In one snippet, Uematsu opened up about just how tough of a time he had creating One-Winged Angel for the game, which is arguably the most popular piece in the entire soundtrack. You can see a translation of Uematsu’s comments below, courtesy of Aitaikimochi.

One Winged Angel was a song that I struggled with actually. […] Every morning, I would go to work and think about Sephiroth and write something, about three or four musical phrases. And then I’d call it a day.

And then I’d repeat it the next day: go to the office in the morning, think about Sephiroth the entire time, and write some more music.

After two or three weeks, I had a lot of different musical phrases to choose from, and I was able to figure out how to piece it together, for example choosing which melodies came first and so on. It was really tough to write this song, but it was very fun.

[Nobuo Uematsu]

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