There has been a rash of ratings issues on Switch lately, and most of them are coming from the European side of things. Multiple titles have been pulled from release shortly after their arrival due to ratings issues, and today brings us news of yet another that’s met the same fate.

Berserk Boy, which came to Switch on March 6th, 2024, is no longer up for sale on the Switch eShop in Europe. According to the developer, the game’s rating was the issue, as it needs to be reclassified with a higher category for Russia, New Zealand, and Germany. No timetable for the game’s return was given.

Outside of Europe, Berserk Boy remains available on the Switch eShop. Those who don’t want to wait for the reclassification can hop on the shop of another region and grab the game without issue, so long as the appropriate funding is added.

Berserk Boy is a classic-meets-modern action-platformer, with music by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania, TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge). Help Berserk Boy face off against the diabolical Dr. Genos and his army of Dark Energy minions!

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