Final Fantasy Tactics director Yasumi Matsuno has been hearing calls for remakes of the original game or a brand-new title for literally decades now. Nothing like that has ever come to be, and the latest comments from Matsuno make it seem like that’s the way things will continue for now.

Matsuno hopped on Twitter to share news that he had purchased a copy of Unicorn Overlord, the latest title from ATLUS and Vanillaware. Matsuno isn’t involved with Unicorn Overlord in any way, but he’s very keen on supporting the strategy RPG genre. While most of his followers were happy to see the recommendation, others once again took this as an opportunity to request more Final Fantasy Tactics.

Somewhat surprisingly, Matsuno decided to reply to some of these fan requests, but only to show more love to Unicorn Overlord. In response to one fan asking for another Final Fantasy Tactics title, Matusno said, “It’s nice of you to say that, but first, let’s play ‘Unicorn Overlord.’ I pray that sales of this new simulation RPG will exceed one million copies.” Matsuno shared similar responses with other Twitter users, directing them all to Unicorn Overlord.

We don’t know the worldwide sales of Unicorn Overlord yet, but it seems it’s off to a strong start. The title is facing physical sellouts in Japan at the moment, but ATLUS and Vanillaware have pledged that more copies will be coming soon. Until then, customers will have to hope they stumble upon a physical copy somewhere, or better yet, pick up the game on the Switch eShop.

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