Monster taming game Monster Tribe was funded on Kickstarter back in 2021. 3+ years later, it’s finally time to see what the game is all about, as Monster Tribe will be launching on Switch today

Monster Tribe puts you in the shoes of humanity’s last hope, a sage born with a natural connection to the Ateyan, capable of calling them forth from the void between the real world and the Rift. Set out across Akama, collect an army of Ateyan, train them, and unearth long-forgotten secrets. Why did Akama fall? What caused the Ateyan to disappear into the void? Can the rift be stopped? Can a single human make a difference?

Nature has reclaimed Akama’s great cities from humanity, and it will not relinquish its conquests easily. Neither will the Ateyan simply surrender after centuries of peace from mankind.

Command teams of monsters in turn-based combat: Battles take place on a grid, where teams of up to four Ateyan square off against one another. Think, strategize, and prevail!

Develop a mighty team capable of facing the Rift. As your Ateyan gather experience, manage their development using a flexible RPG-style character system.

Overcome the ultimate challenges, entering the ancient Towers that dot the landscape of Akama. Face vicious monsters and solve complex puzzles to unlock the island’s mysteries!

Vast island to explore, where nature reclaimed the ruins of a once-mighty civilization. Complex tactical battles between teams of monsters, using a turn-based system - brains over brawn!

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