The next batch of weekly releases for the Switch eShop is here! As usual, there’s a huge list of titles coming to the platform, with both small and large releases to pique your interest. Take a look at the full list for Europe for the week of March 14th, 2024 below.

  • Garden Life
  • Kingdom Come Deliverance: Royal Edition
  • Air Traffic Sim: Airport Dispatch Simulator
  • Ancient Weapon Holly
  • Around the World: Travel to Brazil Collector’s Edition
  • Bad Cat Sam Simulator
  • Balloony
  • Block Magic Puzzle
  • Bubble Fresh Fruits
  • Buggy Off-Road Racing
  • Car Racing Ice: Classic
  • CarX Highway Racing
  • Cat Survivors
  • Contra: Operation Galuga
  • Cube Jump Ultimate
  • Cybertrash Statyx
  • Dark Days
  • Darkness and Flame
  • DateJournal
  • Death of a Wish
  • Death Trick: Double Blind
  • Dentist Billing
  • Dungeon Drafters
  • Eggconsole Ys II PC-8801mkIISR
  • Empires Shall Fall
  • Empty Shell
  • English Tracing Book
  • Escape Game the Abandoned Hotel
  • Finger Soccer League
  • Gunsmith Workshop Simulator
  • Gylt
  • Help Police: Pull the Pins
  • Hentai Girls: Naughty Gamer
  • Highwater
  • Lawn Mowing Simulator
  • Lawn Mowing Simulator
  • Lazriel: The Demon’s Fall
  • Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story
  • Monster Tribe
  • Neon On
  • Paint Rings
  • Paradiso Series Bundle
  • Passing By: A Tailwind Journey
  • Pipe Connect
  • Pogo Joins the Circus
  • Pool Blitz
  • Pull the Pin: Ball Physic Puzzle
  • Rebel Transmute
  • Simple Number-Based Color Sense IQ Test
  • Sniper Rescue
  • Sphinx: Riddles of the Nile
  • Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection
  • Stolen Realm
  • Sushi Battle Rambunctiously
  • The Crystals of Atlantis
  • The Vale: Shadow of the Crown
  • Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest
  • Toon Road: Race & Drift
  • ToyBox Easter
  • Unables
  • Violet Wisteria
  • Wallpaper Wizard: Infinite Backdrops
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron Flyboyz Edition
  • Warring Universe
  • Crypt of the NecroDancer: Synchrony (DLC)
  • No Man’s Sky (demo)
[Nintendo UK]

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