There are plenty of fandoms out there with amazingly talented fans, but I really do think the Pokémon fans go above and beyond. They constantly come up with incredible works of form and function, and yet another example of that has popped up.

Nedno Yoshirin (Plasmaclusterha on Twitter) has put his clay-sculpting skills to work in creating an absolutely gorgeous Pikachu statue. The final product looks good enough to be an official release from Pokémon Co. themselves, and I have no doubt plenty of fans would love a chance to buy one!

While the statue is beautiful in and of itself, it also has the added bonus of wireless charging! As you can see in the pic above, you can nestle your smartphone in Pikachu’s hands for a little bit of battery juice. Talk about an absolutely perfect design for phone charging!

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2y ago

That is ADORABLE. It's probably life-sized, too. I wish there was an official one I could get.