Sokpop, your friendly local indie game collective, are bringing their village builder Stacklands to the Nintendo Switch! Already a smash hit on Steam, the management roguelike will come to Nintendo Switch on March 28th. The team have also announced their second DLC, the post-industrial update Stacklands 2000, due to arrive later this year.

Starting with a handful of simple resource cards, Stacklands quickly grows into a game of depth and strategy, as you work to keep everyone alive while discovering new technology and expanding the settlement. Each resource and villager is represented by a card. For example, dragging a ‘Villager’ card on top of a ‘Berry Bush’ card will spawn ‘Berry’ cards which the villagers can eat to survive. Stack different card combinations to create resources, and sell what you find to buy new packs.

Play your cards right and see how far you can get. Build, collect, fight and grow a village in a minimalist management roguelike for the ages!

About Stacklands 2000 (PC DLC)

The industrial revolution has arrived, morphing your village into a bustling present-day city! In this brave new world you’ll have to generate energy, build factories, develop new scientific advancements, manage a volatile climate, keep the citizens happy, and more! Stacklands 2000 is slated to arrive on PC via Steam some time later this year.


✨ Roguelike x Management x Deckbuilder x fun!

💡 Collect new technologies and expand your village!

🗡️ Level up your villager’s strength to fight goblins, witches, rats and more!

✅ Toggle survival mode and adjust the length of your game!

📦 Simple to learn but deeply strategic!

🃏 300+ Cards to collect!

Thanks to Vachi for the heads up!
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