This is Crypt Stalker – a sinister world where demons have taken over and destroyed everything that was once dear to mankind. And you are Gladys – one of the last representatives of the ancient warriors – stalkers, the only ones who can save the world from complete annihilation. RedDeer.Games will launch Gladys’ path to victory on Nintendo Switch consoles starting March 22.

Crypt Stalker is an 8-bit Metroidvania platformer, filled to the brim with slay-able demons and trap-filled rooms. Feel again the nostalgia hidden in the memories of the golden era of early gaming, where pixel art was photorealistic graphics and the level of life was challenging to rebuild, but the emotions of the players were one-of-a-kind.

Players will take on the role of Gladys, a descendant of stalkers – tasked with defeating demons before they destroy Earth. Demons appear in crypts every ninety solar eclipses… this time, they appeared in the pyramids of the damned, in the middle of a desert.

With the portal to the demon realm opened, Gladys has but one mission – to prevent the demon invasion from taking place. Armed with a trusty cyber whip in hand, a reliable laser gun, and a powerful side arm on the hip – she will do everything in her power to achieve the impossible.

There will be 9 stages, each with diverse locations such as pyramids, a lake of fire, or overgrown ruins, and 13 massive levels to finish with big bosses that stand in players way. And Gladys as the legendary Crypt Stalker, guided by the hands of players, will break through demon defenses, drive out underlings and shoot them down while avoiding deadly traps.

Replenishing ammunition and lost health, on the other hand, will be possible by… breaking the blocks passed along the way. All of this will be available in two difficulty levels: original and casual mode, and accompanied by dynamic chiptune music.

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