Kirby fans rejoice! A major art collab is here and it celebrates one of the most beloved characters from the series: Magolor!

Magolor is a recurring character in the Kirby games who started as an antagonist but then became friends with the main cast. While this makes him sound like any other simple character, Magolor happens to be one of more complex beings in the Kirby universe with quite a developed backstory, which was further emphasized when Nintendo gave him an entire extra mode in the remake ‘Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe’.

He has become such a fan favorite that a group of 48 artists came together to work on a huge project which aims at telling his story in the series through many different illustrations. It’s an incredible work of art!

If you like Magolor or the Kirby series as a whole, do yourself a favor and download and support this project and the artists! You can get the Collab’s PDF file through this link or by going to the main artist’s Twitter profile which is listed below.

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