Terarin Games have announced that their rail shooter ‘Missile Dancer 2’ will launch on March 28th, 2024, for the Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders start today.

This game is made with respect to the 80’s and 90’s Rail Shooter, which was called the Super Scaler Game and used 3D drawing by scaling sprites instead of polygons. The use of sprite scaling gives this game a dynamic feel. There is strategy by switching between three types of weapons. And a score attack mechanism is implemented.

There are two game modes: Arcade Mode and Caravan Mode. Arcade mode is a mode in which you clear stages in sequence, consisting of 16 stages. Caravan Mode is a mode where you compete for the score in 3 minutes. Both modes support online leaderboards. There are two types of music: original music by HIROKKEY and FM sound arrangement by Taku Shiiba. You can switch it in the options menu. TERARIN GAMES has developed many Shmups, including `Raging Blasters’, Moondancer, and Star Gagnant supervised by Meijin Takahashi. This game is a Rail Shooter that emphasizes score attack, making use of the experience of developing Shmups.


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