CyberStep, Inc. has announced that the new Nintendo Switch visual novel “強運傭兵と宝石の姫騎士 - Fortunate Duo -“ developed by PandaShojo is now available in the Nintendo Switch eShop as of March 14, 2024.

About the game:

- Fortunate Duo - 強運傭兵と宝石の姫騎士” is a novel game that depicts the lucky Mercenary and the Princess Knight’s journey as he becomes a close aide and achieves success along the way.
A Bishojo Game released in 2016 under the “Black Currant” brand has been reworked for the “PandaShojo” platform for players around the world to enjoy.

Humanity has allowed the invasion of the Demon King’s forces.
It was later referred to as the era of the ‘The Great Human-Demon War’.
While some nations rose to fight against the Demon King, others took the opportunity to start a war.
The conflict extended beyond the battle between humans and demons, and the entire land was plunged into chaos.
The lucky mercenary Alf enjoys drinking in a tavern along with his companions.
Nursing an ambition to achieve great feats and become a close aide to the princess knight.
Princess Cheryl of the Kingdom of Ruby, Princess Eve of the Kingdom of Jade, and Princess Mary of the Kingdom of Azure. Despite being women, they stood at the forefront of the battle against the Demon King, earning them the title of Savior.
Alf made up his mind and headed to one of the Three Great Nations.
To become a mercenary aiding the saviors…
Character Introduction
Cheryl Hanover

“Don’t worry, there’s nothing that I can’t handle.”
The princess of the Kingdom of Ruby. Dignified and possesses top-tier swordsmanship.
She hears about Alf’s victory over the Chess King and decides to hire him.
Initially tough and brash, spending time with Alf changes her way of thinking.
Eve Cecil

“Your affinity and the magic power circulating inside me is quite remarkable.”
The princess of the Kingdom of Jade. Skilled in both beauty and military strategy.
Upon the advice of the wizard who has long served Eve, she chooses Alf as her aide.
Being the daughter of a concubine, she resents her privileged brothers solely for being male and has developed an aversion to men.

Mary Godwin

“Onii-chan…? You’re my Onii-chan, right!?”
The princess of the Kingdom of Azure, who takes the sword to avenge her deceased brother.
However, being unable to accept her brother’s death, she refers to Alf as “Onii-chan”.
Being gentle and timid, she’s completely unsuited for battle, but alongside Alf she begins to improve as a knight.


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3M ago

I get there's an audience out there for these types of games, but...

One of the love interests, her major notable point is that she imprints her feelings for her older brother onto you.

Just...why? Why would that be the first place you go with a character designed to be a love interest?