Redgar: The Space Viking is a hardcore top down shooter containing roguelike elements and the best part? It’s all hand drawn pixel art. Coming to Nintendo Switch on 21st of March!

A mysterious rock of unknown origin has struck on to the surface of Earth, bringing with it amazing technology never seen by humans before.

As Redgar, a young and reckless space viking, you must save your family from the evil regime of Stratos X, who plans to take over the world with the help of old gods.

Will you be able to stop him in time and etch your legend into the fabric of the cosmos?


  • An arsenal of weapons ranging from throwing spears to plasma guns
  • Great set of boosters powers that give you the power of teleportation, invisibility, energy shields and more!
  • Beautifully detailed environments from seedy space bars to lively villages
  • 15 chapters of suspenseful story and a boatloads of enemies to unalive
  • Either go with guns blazing or sneak your way in
  • Original soundtrack to make your blood rush


Redgar takes the best parts from top down shooters and roguelike games. With every death the level’s starting weapon changes, giving the player always a fresh perspective on how to proceed – unless you bring your favorite one from the previous level.

Lure your enemies in for easy stealth kills or go out with guns blazing like the berserk you were born into. The choice is yours!

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