Today, Maximum Entertainment and developer Goodwin Games are excited to reveal epic post-apocalyptic journey ‘Selfloss’ will be heading to Switch.

Embark on an epic voyage through a deep, emotive narrative and stunning slavic-inspired landscape. Rich with lore, ‘Selfloss’ is set in a whale-worshipping world that intertwines the story of healer protagonist, Kazimir, on a journey to cure a mysterious disease that has overrun the world.

Laced with themes of grief, loss, ecology and conservation, physical versions will also be coming to Switch with pre-orders available now at all good retailers including Signature Edition Games.

“Selfloss” is a dark fantasy action-adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic whale-worshiping fantasy land. Play as the old volhv Kazimir, on an epic journey by boat and on foot in search of a ritual that can cure your soul wound. Meet memorable characters and use the light of your magic staff to fight Miasm - the mysterious disease that overran the world.

Voyage across a stunning landscape rich with lore and secrets to uncover. Discover Slavic and Icelandic myths as you help others overcome hardships and grief, with strategic and dynamic combat as you control the Kasimir and his staff independently.

Key Features

Wield the power of the magical staff - a tool that is central to the game’s mechanics and story Control Kazimir and his staff simultaneously and independently to solve complex puzzles and overcome strategic and dynamic combat

Traverse on foot or by boat, discovering Slavic and Icelandic myths along the way as you help others overcome their hardships and grief

Explore a unique sea-worshiping world with whale gods, resembling the vast landscapes of Iceland

Experience an emotive and moving story as you journey to enact the Selfloss ritual as a healer suffering their own soul-wound

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