Developer Espale Studios has announced that they’re bringing Ingression to the Switch sometime in 2024. You can see a trailer showcasing Ingression in action above.

Ingression is an unforgiving & mind-bending precision platformer where you’ll think and platform with seamless portals. Play as Rina, a thief living in the year 2442 in the corrupt Galactic Empire. Travel to the future to save the past from a tremendous time paradox. Fulfill your destiny of keeping time intact.

Platform with seamless portals like you haven’t experienced before in fast-paced & unforgiving levels. Experience the remarkable gameplay portals provide. Travel across the level in just a fraction of a second, gain momentum, and use it wisely.

Try to survive against countless deadly threats targeting you. Hide from lasers targeting your brain, escape from drones chasing you to death, avoid dangerous spikes surrounding the spaceship, and more.

Everything is designed with portals in mind. With countless unique game mechanics synergizing with each other, overcome every obstacle on your way by creating your own strategies.

Keep sane through the mind-bending levels, and mess with your sense of direction. Complete the precision-requiring levels while your whole orientation keeps changing.

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